Barcelona Zoo.



Hydro Lighted.


Long Shutter Speed, Photo Critique.

Sutter Speed: 8 Seconds.

F/Number: F/10.

ISO: 400.

I wanted to capture the cars passing around the changing colourful Concert hall. I didn’t have a tripod as I took this picture after work so I used a boulder with a flat surface and put the camera on a long shutter speed so me pushing the shutter would effect the camera.

The subject focus of the image is the SEE Hydro.

Due to it being late at night and no concert being on I had to wait until cars passed until I pressed the shutter. Due to there being a lot of light in this shot I had to muck around with the aperture and shutter sped until I got the hydr to look lighted but not overwashed in lights.

I like how the light trail in image curves around the road in front of the hydro.

Cumbernauld Calling.


Art Directed Shot, Photo Critique.

For my art directed shot I wanted to recreate a famous picture. I decided to recreate a homage of a homage which is The Clash Album cover for “London Calling,” by Pennie Smiths shot of Paul Simnon smashing his bass guitar against the stage.

Shutter Speed: 1/80 Seconds.

F/Number: F/2.5.

ISO: 1600.

I used the college studio with the lights out a Dedo lights to light my model who wore all black and was holding a bass guitar to the ground.

The subject matter of this image is the “bass guitarist” smashing the guitar against the floor.

The image is a shallow depth of field with oly the model In focus. The background of the image is black as I was aiming for only the model and the Bass to seen.

I got the model to hold the Bass in different positions until I decided that the Bass could be resting on the floor. I had someone moving the Dedo light until I was satisfied to where the light highlighted the model enough and the bass, but also making a shadow of the models legs.

I’m really happy how this directed photo turned out after the little time I had to take it in.

If I was to recreate this shot again I would get extra people to stand at the edge of the shot, also I would add in another set of lights just like the album cover.