Cumbernauld Calling.


Art Directed Shot, Photo Critique.

For my art directed shot I wanted to recreate a famous picture. I decided to recreate a homage of a homage which is The Clash Album cover for “London Calling,” by Pennie Smiths shot of Paul Simnon smashing his bass guitar against the stage.

Shutter Speed: 1/80 Seconds.

F/Number: F/2.5.

ISO: 1600.

I used the college studio with the lights out a Dedo lights to light my model who wore all black and was holding a bass guitar to the ground.

The subject matter of this image is the “bass guitarist” smashing the guitar against the floor.

The image is a shallow depth of field with oly the model In focus. The background of the image is black as I was aiming for only the model and the Bass to seen.

I got the model to hold the Bass in different positions until I decided that the Bass could be resting on the floor. I had someone moving the Dedo light until I was satisfied to where the light highlighted the model enough and the bass, but also making a shadow of the models legs.

I’m really happy how this directed photo turned out after the little time I had to take it in.

If I was to recreate this shot again I would get extra people to stand at the edge of the shot, also I would add in another set of lights just like the album cover.


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