Vivian Maier.

Vivian Maier.

Vivian Maier was an American nanny who was also in her spare time a photographer. The children that she nannied for said that she always had her camera on her. At an auction whilst looking for history John Maloof founded a box full off negatives eventually after looking into the negatives with more depth he decided to buy the rest of Vivian’s left belongings, along with the rest of her belongs. Looking through her stuff he found out what Vivian was like as a person. Vivian used a Roflex camera which she could be discrete by looking down into the viewfinder which can make her hold the camera at waist view. She led a very private life demanded that her room be locked but she loved the outdoor leaving her first job to be free, living under someone else using her paid money for her camera and memories.optimized-fob_fea-reinventionofvivianmaier-600


This photo is from the Jeffery Goldstein collection.

The subject matter of this photo is the man focusing on whatever is in his hands it seems to be a cigarette. the man is smartly dressed wearing a suit, he reminds me of a Teddy boy due to his suit and slicked hairstyle.

The photo is a shallow depth of field, with the subject centre of the image. Only the man is  in complete clarity and his surrounding a blur or out of focus. Due to the lights reflecting on the windows of the shop and buildings it seems that the photo was taken at night. it seems that the photo was taken under a light as half of his face is in light and the other side is in shadow. The photo was taken in a long exposure as the people passing by are blurry and he seems to be in perfect light.

Overall i really like this photo it seems classy, i love how crisp he is in the photo and how blurry the rest of the photo is. He almost seems oblivious to his surroundings just invested in whatever is in his hands.



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