Gregory Crewdson.

Gregory Crewdson.

Born September 1962 in Brooklyn, Gregory Crewdson grew up with a father who was a Psychologist which was a mystery to him and his siblings until he was older which was an influence and impacted his photography majorly.

His photos are hugely influenced by Film an likes to “create a world” with his shots, with as much detail in the photo as he can. He says that his photos help show anxiety, fears and disbelief that project a fantasy.

All his photo shoots have a budget a crew and schedule.

I feel that this image has a very clear message of body image and expectations.


The Girl is centre frame naked staring at herself in the mirror with several pictures of models surrounding her. The woman is vulnerable and looks almost depressed and doubtful that she doesn’t look like the women in the pictures surrounding her.

The depth of field is a large depth of field however the image is very darkly lit with the only light source of the slit in the curtains and the low lights around the mirror. The low light highlights the main focus of the image perfectly, the woman. Which help show the emotion expectation and hopefulness in her face. Which again gives the feel of depression and helplessness the photo capturing her darkness. I love how this photo is cluttered like typical young woman’s bedrooms expected to be. It represents the truth and reality that she faces everyday getting ready to face the world.

Overall i think this images speaks volumes and represents exactly a modern day to day life of everyone in particularly young people and woman. It represents the harsh false imagery of how people “have” to look and feel to fit in to the cruel society we live in which is mostly all false.



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